Can Divorced Sex Be Hotter Than Married Sex?

Can Divorced Sex Be Hotter Than Married Sex?

Maybe you’re reading this and wondering, who am I, Cindy Barshop, to give advice on sex after divorce? Especially since I’ve never been married. Well, being in the vagina business for over 20 years, has given me insight to what women are saying and feeling emotionally about their vagina and having intercourse again.
What hurts you only makes you stronger and you ARE a strong woman! How do I know that? Because here you are, taking the first step toward embracing your sexual health and reclaiming your body. Congratulations on putting yourself first and starting to think about what you want divorced sex to look and feel like. Let’s go over some facts about sex and divorce.


Only 7.5% of married people say they have sex daily. What happens to the other 92.5%?

Spending years with the same sexual partner can make things become stale in the bedroom. Just ask any of your married friends… late night, lights off, missionary position sex is the textbook standard for couples who’ve been together more than a year or two!

​Now, you’re divorced, and that’s not good enough anymore! You want pleasure in the bedroom. We all know orgasms feel amazing but they also host many health benefits. You deserve to feel great about your sex life again.


Vaginal looseness is a normal part of aging.

I’m not saying you are old or need to enhance yourself for a man… Changes throughout our lifetimes like childbirth can affect our vaginas.

Perhaps you simply feel things are different down there. Maybe, it’s not as easy to achieve an orgasm as it used to be. You know that you could get there with a lot of work, but if you’re going to have new partners, you want sex to feel like it did back when you first started dating. Is it even possible to have good divorced sex?

You’re not alone in these fears and questions! Maybe, you’ve talked with friends or professionals about your options. On your recent gynecologist visit he mentioned something about some surgical procedure he now offers. The words “surgery” and “vagina” sound a little too scary when they’re too close to one another for your liking. Besides, you don’t really feel you can talk to him about your body. You haven’t even considered he might have advice to share about sex after divorce. It’s just so awkward talking to him about your issues!

Thankfully, there is a gynecological option for your divorced sex needs that offers the comfort you’re looking for!

VSPOT Medi Spa is a female run, female staffed gynecological spa to address all of your sexual and personal care needs. We are experts in creating a comfortable, empowering atmosphere for women who care about their sexual health and wellbeing. We offer a variety of services, from non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation to 24k V-Wax and the revolutionary O-SHOT, an orgasm enhancing treatment. These services are perfect for women who decide they won’t settle for less than they deserve and believe in great sex after divorce. Our V-Team includes elite gynecologist and world renowned vaginal rejuvenation guru, Dr. Carolyn Delucia,

Our Services Include:

  • Femilift Laser Treatment – This FDA approved laser uses groundbreaking technology to offer a solution for the vaginal loosening, dryness, and incontinence that come along with childbirth, menopause, and just being a woman.
  • O-SHOT – This simple procedure uses your own blood plasma PRP, injected into the vagina, to enhance sexual pleasure. The treatment works by stimulating vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation.
  • V-STEAM™ – This treatment uses a gentle steamer with a soft steam infused with therapeutic herbs like basil, calendula, mugwort, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood and rose petals. V-Steam™ dilates the blood vessels to increase blood circulation, provide oxygen, and relax the pelvic floor muscles.
  • 24K V-WAX & LED VAJACIAL – We use the newest formula of hypoallergenic sensitive skin wax—featuring 24k-infused gold—to serve as an anti-inflammatory agent and to help brighten skin. You’ll get a clear, smooth wax with no pain or ingrown hairs.
  • And More

Our Medispa is a comfortable place for any women to come and talk about her vaginal issues and concerns. Our female doctors are used to talking frankly and openly about sexual practices and concerns. It’s okay to talk about your orgasms here! In fact, we encourage it. We’re here to help you prepare for the most gratifying sexual experiences you’ve had, and we love to hear when our treatments are working!

Why wouldn’t you want to increase friction and pleasure during intercourse? Or orgasm more intensely? Especially if there is no surgical risk and the mental and physical benefits abound?

Call VSPOT today for a free consultation and learn to love your vagina again!

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