A Special Femilift Offer For Breast Cancer Survivors Helps Empower Them

A Special Femilift Offer For Breast Cancer Survivors:

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and VSPOT has a special gift for breast cancer survivors! Cindy Barshop, Founder of VSPOT MediSpa, offers breast cancer survivors a way to reclaim their sexual health and happiness. They’re fighting—and winning—the battle of their lives, and breast cancer survivors should feel nothing less than healthy, happy, and empowered. Because of these empowering reasons, VSPOT MediSpa is offering breast cancer survivors a free session with the life-changing FemiLift laser.

Breast Cancer Side Effects

Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments have side effects that are rarely talked about, even though they can severely impact a woman’s sexual health and everyday life. It’s normal for women suffering from breast cancer to worry about the changes to their physical appearance. Far from being shallow, it’s important to a woman’s mental health to address these concerns. Caitlin Kiernan’s book, “Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide For Women With Cancer” is a great place to start. Every breast cancer survivor knows that they can get breast augmentation surgery, but few know that there are treatments for hair skin teeth and sexual health.

Vaginal Atrophy

The problem is vaginal atrophy, a devastating condition that causes itching and burning. The root cause of the problem is vaginal dryness, therefore causing painful sex. Many breast cancer survivors are frustrated with their sex life and unaware of their options. With no knowledge of the hope for relief, many women put their sex lives on hold and limit the nature of their intimate actions.

Historically, treatments for vaginal atrophy have focused on topically applied estrogen therapy. However, as breast cancer survivors know, estrogen based treatments are not a viable option for those who have battled breast cancer. Until recently, modern medicine offered no realistic option to solve this painful problem.

Femilift Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Today, we are happy to announce a groundbreaking solution for treating the sexual side effects suffered by so many breast cancer survivors: the FemiLift Laser treatment. This non-surgical, no-estrogen, no-medication option offers women treatment for vaginal atrophy in approximately three pain-free, ten-minute sessions.

“The FemiLift Laser is a thermal heating system that achieves tissue regeneration throughout the vaginal canal, promoting the recovery of genital mucosa balance in a safe and painless way,” says Dr. Carolyn DeLuca, who has successfully treated breast cancer survivors with the laser. “The production of collagen tightens the vaginal walls and restores tone to tissue, therefore increasing blood flow and lubrication, and allowing women to comfortably and confidently have intercourse again.”

“Breast cancer survivors are warriors—but that doesn’t mean they have to continue to suffer. They deserve to feel good, and we can help.”  

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