Talking to Your Gyno About Trouble Reaching Orgasm: A Scary Proposition

trouble reaching orgasmTalking to Your Gynecologist about Trouble Reaching Orgasm

Most of us ladies go to visit the gynecologist about once a year for our annual checkup. However, perhaps you have to go more often if you’re one of the staggering 20% of women who suffer from extreme menstrual pain that interferes with daily life. Or maybe you experience vaginal looseness or other problems that leave you with trouble reaching orgasm.

Regardless of the reason, it’s an experience that most women dread, or at the very least dislike. Let’s face it: lying on the hard bed, naked under a paper gown, spread eagle with your legs in cold stirrups is not the most empowering experience. So when the doctor asks you if you are experiencing any sexual problems, what are you supposed to answer? It feels like he’s just checking boxes on a list, are you really supposed to tell him about something as personal as trouble reaching orgasm with your partner? And what’s he gonna do about it anyway?

A Common Problem

When I asked myself these questions, my investigative mind kicked in and I started doing some online research. I’ll tell you, I was shocked when I found out that almost 75% of women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. Plus, 10-15% never achieve orgasm under any circumstances! At first, when I stumbled upon that statistic, I felt discouraged. If trouble reaching orgasm is this wide-spread of an issue, there must not be viable solutions out there for me.

But then, I started digging a little deeper and finding article after article spouting praise for non-invasive procedures that could help me regain my pleasure during sex. My days of trouble reaching orgasm were over! I learned about the Femilift laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment, which increases collagen production in the vaginal cavity, creating pelvic floor strength and tightens the vagina increasing friction during intercourse, which translates to better orgasms. I discovered the O-Shot procedure, which uses my own blood platelets and injects them into my vaginal tissue. This procedure attracts my own stem cells to the injected area, which then generate healthier and more functional tissue in the vagina. Sure, it sounds a little scary, but I promise there’s no pain or downtime!

Discovering VSPOT and Solving My Problems With Trouble Reaching Orgasm

Through researching these procedures, I found VSPOT Medi-Spa. The clinic’s open approach to sexual health and discussing orgasms made me feel at home right away. The founder and owner, Cindy Barshop of Real Housewives of NYC fame, put me at ease from the first call. What really sealed the deal was her commitment to a female-only staff and open dialogue surrounding women’s issues.

My consultation couldn’t have gone better and I’m blown away by my results!

Trouble reaching orgasm is a thing of the past! Call VSPOT today at (917) 983-4461 for a free consultation.

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