FemTech: Taking the Direct to Consumer Space by the V

FemTech: Taking the Direct to Consumer Space by the V

VSPOT Medi Spa’s Founder, Cindy Barshop, recently spoke as a Panelist at RealSelf’s House of Modern Beauty Event. The discussion dove into how cutting-edge technologies and digitally native brands are catalyzing growth in female health technology, also known as “FemTech.” It also explored the role that social media is playing in destigmatizing topics once regarded as “overly taboo” to freely talk about it. 

VSPOT is thrilled to be a pioneer in the FemTech industry, effectively transforming the direct to consumer brand space. With that being said, we feel this discussion is worth sharing! Below are Cindy’s responses to some questions from the panel: 

What Businesses Are Fueling This Growth?

“Through offering solutions in women’s intimate health, VSPOT is greatly encouraging the expansion of the FemTech industry. Partnered with industry leaders in innovation and medicine, we are able to stay up-to-date with the latest feminine care solutions. We gather these solutions in one space — making them readily available to women. VSPOT brings feminine health care beyond the limits of the gynecologist and into the routine of everyday life.” 

How Has Social Media Helped Pave The Way For Conversation? 

“Social media has helped to increase both the reach and magnitude of the conversation surrounding women’s intimate health. It is creating a space where women feel comfortable to openly talk about all areas of their femininity, not just those considered “socially correct.” Even those not actively participating in the discussion are able to learn about the topic. In doing so, they are able to feel supported in what they are experiencing. Not to mention, social media allows advancements in the FemTech industry to reach women quickly on a large scale, making advancements both accessible and normalized.” 

How Are Businesses Approaching Marketing Differently? 

“While of course businesses are trying to sell to their target audience, they are also trying to spark a discussion. FemTech solutions cannot succeed if they are at first not accepted. Our mission at VSPOT aligns with this philosophy. We want women to know that they can express the issues that they face. Taking pride in femine health is a vital part of self-care. We want to empower women through the services we provide and the community we have built around them.” 

Where Have Brands Offering Sexual Health Products or Services Struggled? 

“Platforms from Instagram to Facebook have made it quite difficult to market women’s health products. While scantily-dressed models and sexually-suggestive content is allowed, let’s face it: social media is outright sensitive to anything pertaining to the vagina. At VSPOT, this has made branding a challenge. We must constantly address our expression, as with one ‘slip’ we can be flagged for adult content. All we strive to do is deliver our mission and solutions with transparency — even if that means taking a hit through the eyes of social media regulations.” 

What Big Predictions Do You Have For The FemTech Industry In 2020? 

“The FemTech industry is growing rapidly. Whether we are aware of it or not, everyday women are coming to realize that is okay to understand and care for all facets of their bodies. That being said, the demand for products that can help them do so is only set to increase. I am excited to see the level of empowerment women reach as more brands hit the market with their innovations! I could not be more honored to be a part of this movement.” 

VSPOT is Proud to be Part of the FemTech Industry

Let’s keep the conversation going! What are you most excited to see as the FemTech industry continues to flourish? 

At VSPOT Medi Spa in New York City and in Philadelphia, our number one priority and focus is women’s sexual health and well-being. We offer a wide variety of unique, innovative, top-notch services with our state-of-the-art and cutting edge technologies to optimize your results. You can trust our team of professional physicians who are here to educate you and serve you the highest level of vaginal treatment. All of our treatments at VSPOT are quick and painless, so there is no need to worry! Feel good again and reverse time by contacting us or book an appointment at VSPOT Medi Spa today!

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