5 Things You Must Do on Valentines Day

5 Things You Must Do on Valentines Day

(whether you have a partner or not)

Put on something that makes you feel sexy

Whether it’s that new dress you didn’t get to wear in 2020 or that one matching pair of bra and panties you have left,  everyone has that one outfit that makes them feel unstoppable. Put on something that makes you feel like a true “Hot Girl” (or don’t and free the nipple). Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself who you really are.

Tell yourself “I Love You” 

Valentines day shouldn’t just be about telling other people you love them. Show yourself the kind of love you would show another person. On Feb. 14th take the time to look in the mirror (naked or fully clothed) and tell yourself “I love you.” VSPOT Founder, Cindy Barshop suggests taking the time to write it down, “Write down 3 things you love about yourself.”  

Don’t know where to start.. Here are some prompts to kickstart your love day:

I am proud of you because…

You are fucking awesome because…

I appreciate you because…

Orgasm at least once

Everyone deserves to orgasm today, and you don’t need a partner to do it. If you normally have trouble orgasming check out our blog “Help ! I don’t orgasm during sex”for some tips. Even if you do have a partner give one to yourself and have 2 orgasms today because You Deserve It!

Take your time

2021 is going to be a long year. Use Valentine’s Day to slow down and take those extra steps to pamper yourself during your morning routine. Use a bath bomb (or shower bomb) and have a luxury bathing experience. Try to do your entire skin care routine, add a nice face mask (Sephora or DIY) and/or a sheet mask that requires you to be still for 15 minutes. Take the time to do the things for yourself you always wish you had the time or energy to do.

Treat Yourself 

Whatever that means to you, do it! Order that cupcake that stares at you from the bakery window, or pick-up those shoes that you’ve wanted for months and here’s the key…Don’t feel bad about it. Do something that day that is just for you. 

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