A Divorced Woman’s Guide to her Sexual Awakening

A Divorced Woman’s Guide to her Sexual Awakening

Whether your marriage was 7 years or 72 days, the idea of sex after a divorce is scary. There are so many things to worry about when you start seeing somebody new like… are they a serial killer? And…do they still live with their parents? The last thing you want is to worry yourself with, is wondering whether the sex will be good or not. 

VSPOT has experts in women’s sexual health and they want you to know as long as you remember these 4 things you can worry about the more important questions like if your new partner has a secret family. Even if you just got divorced and don’t plan on dating for a long time, Date Yourself and don’t forget:

Masturbation is your friend

If you got married or had kids young, the chances are you never got to experiment with self pleasure. Maybe you even think it’s weird or gross. VSPOT Experts are here to tell you, everybody’s doing it! There aren’t many studies that say just how many American women are master-bating in 2021 but female owned sex toy companies are on a rise and so is porn tailored toward women. 

“There is some truth to the saying use it or lose it” VSPOT Expert Dr. Grover says. If you don’t have a sex partner and don’t plan on having one for a while, self-play is a perfect way to keep your vagina healthy. Making sure your body is regularly aroused can help keep you vagina functioning. It will keep your body in the rhythm of self lubricating to prevent and even delay vaginal atrophy and sometimes even menopause. 

If the thought of masturbating regularly scares you, but not more than early menopause or having sex with a new partner, you might be in the market for a new sex toy. Don’t let the phrase “sex toy” freak you out. You’ll be surprised how cute and inviting these new toys can be. If you don’t know where to start Bellesa has a quick and easy quiz for you to take to help you find the perfect starter toy to help you vibe your way into your new sex life. 

You Deserve to have Mind Blowing Orgasms

If you orgasm, on your own or even with your new partner and you think to yourself “Well, that doesn’t feel as good as it used to” you do not have to settle. VSPOT has at home products clinically proven to help increase blood flow to the clitoris. The VSPOT Feminine Serum will never have you second guessing whether or not mind blowing orgasms were a thing of the past or something you could only achieve with your EX.

This doesn’t mean you should expect to orgasm every time you have sex, because sex is about intimacy and pleasure not just climax. However, your orgasm is just as important as your partner’s. If you are able to reach orgasm with your partner it means a lot of things are going right. It could mean you’re communicating with them about what you enjoy, that your stress levels are low (or you’re a master at compartmentalizing), and even that your hormones are all in sync. But all those things could be going right for you, and you still are not able to get where you need to go to O. If you’re having trouble climaxing, read our previous article Help! I Can’t Orgasm which is all about not being able to achieve orgasms with your partner. If you’re trying to supercharge the lackluster orgasms you’re already having, talk to a VSPOT Expert today about our O-SHOT.

Health is Wealth

Making sure your body is healthy is the most important thing to remember. Dealing with a divorce is tough. As women we tend to put everything and everyone before ourselves, even when it comes to our health. Take a second to stop and think about whether your annual OB-GYN appointment is booked, or when the last time you had a pap was. Your sexual health ties into your overall wellness and should be prioritized. At VSPOT you can get your Luxe Annual GYN Wellness Check-Up which includes your annual pap and a hormone panel and do something that feels good like a V-Steam or a Vajacial in the same place. Don’t let the discomfort of a pap deter you from going to the doctor. At VSPOT we want you to feel good about treating your vagina right.

Sex should feel good….Always

It’s been said over and over again to communicate with your partner for the optimal sex life. But sometimes, even when you are telling your partner exactly what you knew you liked in the past, something just doesn’t seem to fit. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had sex you might think you just need to break your vagina in, but some things are not meant to be broken and your vagina is one of them. If it’s hurting and you’re going through menopause or just into the second half of your life, it could be vaginal atrophy. This can cause painful and dry sex no matter how much lube you use. 

Painful sex after not having sex for a while is common but just because something is common doesn’t make it normal. A VSPOT Expert is able to examine you and come up with a customized treatment plan to help you have the best sex of your life. VSPOT offers painless and minimally invasive treatments that can almost turn back time. Our treatments and products are able to work with your body’s natural process to hydrate and help rejuvenate your vaginal wall. Our Vaginal Restorative Complex is available for purchase on our website but works best when paired with one of our treatments.

Your Sexual Awakening starts Now!