‘RHONY’ alum Cindy Barshop dishes on feud with Sonja Morgan

Cindy Barshop‘RHONY’ alum Cindy Barshop dishes on feud with Sonja Morgan

New York Daily News & VSPOT

As “Real Housewives of New York City” launches into its eighth season, former frenemies are reigniting an old feud — and this time around it’s a vaginal tightening procedure that kicked off the conflict.

The tension between Cindy Barshop and Sonja Morgan seemed to die down after the former, a Manhattan business owner, exited stage left at the end of season four. Now, the start of the new season has tempers flaring again.

Barshop told the Daily News that she was trying to quash the old feud when she offered an olive branch a few months ago, inviting Morgan in for a vaginal tightening treatment at VSPOT MediSpa, a vaginal rejuvenation biz Barshop launched in 2015. “She said, ‘Yeah I’m coming and then she ghosted,” Cindy Barshop said.

Adding insult to injury, when season eight teasers starting hitting the Internet, the spa queen realized that her old cast mate had snuck and visited another vaginal rejuvenation spot. “She made a joke of it,” Barshop said. “She basically just slapped me in the face.” Barshop, the mother of 5-year-old twins, said that VSPOT is no laughing matter. After giving birth, many women struggle with dryness, incontinence and looseness.

“Women are going around not enjoying sex,” she said. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation can reverse that, she claims. The procedure involves uses a laser to stimulate vaginal tissue regeneration over the course of three 10-minute treatment sessions. “This is like doing a million Kegels in five minutes with no pain,” Barshop said. Barshop said she didn’t know whether Morgan visited the other rejuvenator before or after she made her offer, but either way she’s still offended. The former Completely Bare spa chain owner said she didn’t just invite Morgan; she invited a bunch of the “RHONY” cast, and a few are still planning to come in.

Cindy Barshop said that she thinks Morgan’s snub was very deliberate. “I think she knows exactly what she was doing and it was obviously important to me – it wasn’t just coming in for a facial or something.” The pair’s feud broke out in 2011, when Barshop was still on the show. “I bonded with her because I tried to help her in the business world. And then I was not getting along with Ramona and she just turned on me and she wanted to explain to me that there’s a hierarchy in New York,” she said.

Morgan had a slightly different recollection of how things went down when she was interviewed for Hollywood Life in 2011. According to Morgan, the problems started when Barshop trashed Singer to Jill Zarin. “I didn’t know Cindy. I welcomed her with open arms and when she said Ramona was not good to the core to Jill, I had her over for tea to say that wasn’t going to fly with me,” she said. “There’s a pecking order. Ramona introduced her to the group and you take care of those that take care of you.” To make matters worse, the 52-year-old claimed, Barshop was rude during a homemade breakfast when she scheduled a conference call during the mealtime.

The eighth season of the show’s New York City franchise kicked off Wednesday, with hints of drama to come. Bethenny Frankel, 34, called out the newbie for being too thin, Singer said that Morgan drinks too much and basically everyone agreed that they really don’t like Dorinda Medley’s beau, John Mahdessian. Yikes!