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    You are not alone – vaginal looseness is a common problem and we can help.

    The most common reasons for loose lady parts are childbirth and aging. The pelvic floor muscles can become weak as you age. No matter what the cause, this is normal!

    The solution: VSPOT treats vaginal looseness and incontinence in three easy, pain-free, ten-minute sessions.

    The FemiLift laser is a non-surgical option for quick, painless vaginal rejuvenation that tightens the vaginal canal to enhance sexual pleasure. It uses a slender rod to emit a 360-degree laser throughout the vaginal canal promoting the production of collagen which brings back your elasticity /tightens and walls to increase friction during intercourse resulting in enhanced pleasure. This procedure solves vaginal looseness and can help with painful sex.

    “Moms put everyone else first,” says Cindy Barshop, Former Real Housewives of New York star, award-winning entrepreneur, and Founder of VSPOT. Until now, the only option offered to women was medicine or surgery. Until VSPOT. “After my twins were born, I was the Kegel Queen, but I still had vaginal looseness decrease sensation,” says Barshop. The FemiLift treatment changed her life, she says, and inspired her to offer other moms the option for the same. “I discovered the Fountain of Youth for my vagina. No more Kegels!”.

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