Former Real Housewives Star Discovers the Fountain of Youth—for Vaginas!

​BREAKING NEWS: Former Real Housewives Star Discovers the Fountain of Youth—for Vaginas!

American Moms Cheer and Immediately Quit Doing Kegels!

Quit Those Kegels!
That’s the message to moms nationwide from VSPOT Medi Spa. VSPOT is the authority in FemiLift Laser treatment—a non-surgical option for quick, painless vaginal rejuvenation that tightens the vaginal canal to enhance sexual pleasure and brings an end to problems like urinary leakage.

The Right to Feel Tight
Most women are surprised by just how much they change—mentally and physically—as the result of childbirth. While women assume that your body “bounces back” in every way, it’s an open secret among moms: Your lady bits are radically affected for months and even years after delivering vaginally. While urinary incontinence is a common symptom of pregnancy, most women don’t realize that it usually continues after their babies are born, and they accept that as the “norm.”

It’s a taboo subject, but moms should know they’re not alone: with more than 3.9 million births every year, it’s no surprise that 1.3 million new moms report urinary incontinence annually. In addition, postnatal moms suffer from vaginal looseness and sensitivity during intercourse Books and doctors often tell moms that Kegel exercises will help, and they do—but only minimally, and not enough to improve a new mom’s quality of life. “Moms put everyone else first,” says Cindy Barshop, Former Real Housewives of New York star, award-winning entrepreneur, and Founder of VSPOT. “They don’t realize that they have the right to feel tight.”

Until now, the only option offered to women was medicine or surgery. Until VSPOT.
“After my twins were born, I was the Kegel Queen, but I still had to worry about wetting my pants whenever I sneezed,” says Barshop. The FemiLift treatment changed her life, she says, and inspired her to offer other moms the option for the same. “I discovered the Fountain of Youth for my vagina. No more Kegels!”

Sexual Healing
“VSPOT treats vaginal looseness and incontinence in three easy, pain-free, ten-minute sessions. It uses a slender rod to emit a 360-degree laser throughout the vaginal canal promoting the production of collagen which tightens and strengthen the muscle that support the bladder” says Dr. Katie Well George, a member of “the VTEAM,” VSPOT’s group of top women gynecologists. The results have been astonishing. “Clients are so, so satisfied—literally. They say the sex is incredible and they no longer have urinary leakage.”