Have you ever thought — Why is it hard to orgasm or difficult to orgasm? Don’t worry! Better sex is in your blood–literally.

The O-Shot® (The Orgasm Shot) is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It is a simple painless treatment method of using your own blood platelets (PRP) which are injected into your vaginal tissue clitoris and the Grafenberg Spot also known as the g-spot. PRP works by stimulating stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels, effectively rejuvenating the vaginal region which increases the response to stimulation. After the treatment, you will find an increase in libido and the ability to orgasm more quickly and intensely.

What is PRP platelet-rich plasma injections?

PRP is a concentrated form of plasma, containing a high volume of platelets. The concentrated serum is made from a sample of your own blood. The Doctor uses a centrifuge to separate the plasma and the platelets from your blood cells and then prepares the PRP serum. PRP includes growth factors and stem cell proteins that encourage new cell growth. PRP stimulates your body’s natural healing response, helping to rejuvenate and revitalize your problem areas.

Dr. Charles Runels is the inventor of the O-Shot®. This is a one-time procedure that lasts from 1-3 years . Results vary among clients.