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Vagina Laser

This Vagina Laser Will Improve Your Sex Life


A vagina laser for your lady bits? VSPOT, a ladies-only spa that recently opened on the Upper East Side, uses a new FDA-approved fractional CO2 vagina Optical device, dubbed the “FemiLift,” to increase circulation and lubrication while tightening the area, all of which can improve a woman’s sex drive, according to VSPOT CEO Cindy Barshop. “The rejuvenation enhances pleasure and stimulates desire,” says Barshop, who rose to fame as a former cast member on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Three or four 10-minute treatments, at $1,150 per session, are recommended for optimum results. Clients can also purchase a package of four sessions upfront for $3,450 ($862 per session). The FemiLift vagina laser can also be used to minimize incontinence, which can undoubtedly put a damper on a woman’s libido. “By offering solutions to common problems like incontinence, dryness and looseness, VSPOT offers something else: confidence,” claims the spa’s website. “When sex feels good and satisfying, there’s a natural side effect: You’ll desire sex again.” While the thought of having a  laser pointed at your privates may make you squirm, Barshop claims the process feels comparable to an OB-GYN appointment. 870 Fifth Ave., 800-408-8776;