We do What Vaginal Bleaching Can’t

It is totally normal for the area around the anus and vagina to be darker, some women may be darker than others due to waxing, friction from clothing or just the natural aging process and skin type. The hyperpigmentation or darkened area can be successfully lightened with a combination of professional treatments and at home lightening products.

VSPOT offers an alternative for vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching with a customized treatment plan of a Mandelic Mesopeel. Mendelic Acid is a gentler but more effective depigmentation than the traditional glycolic peel for sensitive intimate areas. Mandelic Acid is obtained from hydrolysis of bitter almond extract, and unifies skin tone to produce a lighter result. No pain, and no downtime.


Small Area: $125 $300/pk of 3

Medium Area: $225 $540/pk of 3

Large Area: $325 $780/pk of 3

VSPOT is the only vagina spa with all the advanced technologies to optimize your sexual health and well being. 

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