Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser Treatment & Radio Frequency

Vaginal Looseness? Painful sex? Vaginal dryness? Incontinence?  We get it and we can help! 

No Pain. No Downtime. Get it & go!

We are experts in correcting issues that interfere with our quality of life and sexual satisfaction. We have all the newest and most effective technology to optimize your sexual health. If you are looking for vaginal tightening or experience painful sex, dryness, chronic vaginal infections or urinary leakage VSPOT has the solution.

The VSPOT experts will review your sexual health history and create a customized treatment plan. We specialize only in vaginal rejuvenation and have every available treatment option on the market including the FemiLift an FDA approved fractional CO2 laser, Ultra Femme 360, which is the fastest radio frequency device in the market.  The newest treatment, EMSELLA (HIFEM), strengthens the pelvic floor to prevent and correct incontinence.  These pain-free procedures have revolutionized vaginal rejuvenation therapy. 

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VSPOT is the only vagina spa with all the advanced technologies to optimize your sexual health and well being. 

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